CellTool is a stand-alone open source software with Graphical User Interface that combines image analysis and real time data visualization. It has implemented algorithms for fast automatic segmentation of big time-lapse image stacks. This software is designed to process noisy images and is optimized for tracking objects such as cell nuclei and DNA repair foci over time. It has a plugin engine and an integrated file browser for fast and easy access to the images. The data obtained from the image analysis is dynamically displayed on a chart which allows the user to observe the results simultaneously with the image processing. Custom functions can be applied to the image processing which saves time and eliminates most of the post-processing steps of the measured data. The summarized results from the analysis of the image series can be graphically presented and fitted to a custom or predefined mathematical model. CellTool possesses intuitive graphical interface, implements multiple image processing algorithms and is capable of simultaneous data processing and data visualization greatly facilitating the efficiency of the image analysis. It is perfect for rapid and robust live cell image data analysis providing an all-in-one solution to numerous demanding tasks. That and the feature for simultaneous visualization of the results makes CellTool a very useful and user-friendly software for microscopy imaging facilities.

Supported image file types:

CellTool uses Bio-Formats library to read image data. It can open most of the available formats for microscopy images. CellTool supports 8-bit grayscale images and 16-bit grayscale images (RGB images are split into 3 separate grayscale images). List with the supported by Bio-Formats image file types is available here